Project Nevada Testing and First Record Attempt

After a long two days of travel, the team got stuck in with testing on. Due to the bike being flown from the UK by the RAF, no electronics were allowed in the bike and a lot of the bike had to be disassembled. The team, therefore, started by re-attaching the wheels and setting up the steering mechanism. As new sponsors had come onboard, a few of the team were given the task of adding the sponsor logos to the bike.

The bike then had to be taken to the Civic Centre in the middle of Battle Mountain to have a technical inspection by the race officials. It passed with flying colours and officials that had been there for a few years, recognised some of the changes that the team had been working on to make the bike even safer. 

After, the inspection, it was then on to give Sarah her first test of the bike since the middle of  August. Most of the changes made in this test were comfort based, making a chin strap to help hold her head up in the traditionally uncomfortable position that has to be adopted by the rider of this sort of bike. Tests also included adjusting the steering to Sarah's specifications and sorting out the electronics of the bike. The team then headed back to the Civic Centre for an evening briefing to be introduced to the rest of the team, talk over the week and the way that the competition is laid out. 

Day 4 brought on the first day of running on the official course. As they were in the first heat, everyone had to be up and at the track ready to set up the bike for 6.20. The winds in the morning were too high for a legal run so all runs were used as a test to make sure the riders were familiar with the track and the officials, familiar with the organisation of the event. Sarah (athlete) was still able to clock a speed of 23.5 mph even with a high crosswind, a small mechanical issue and a technical fault at the start. The rest of the day was used to fix the mechanical and technical issues, ready for two runs on day 5. 

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-James Haslam (OWP CEO)