Project Nevada Trial and Error

Day 5 (13th September) of Project Nevada began slowly. The team ventured out to the test track around 6.10am and began setting up but there was a storm coming over the mountains. It began raining and the event was called off. Even though the handcycle is stable enough to work in windy  or wet conditions, all the other competitors use two wheel bicycles with minimal traction so the event would be too unsafe. At 11 o'clock 3rd grade elementary children came to the hand cycle base in the Battle Mountain Civic Centre to learn about the bikes, engineering and had a fun time overall getting autographs from the teams. As the hand cycle was the only bike that the children can sit in and operate, a long line quickly formed. This event happens every year with the schools in order to help promote engineering and give the visitors some real world learning. 

The next day conditions couldn't have been more perfect. Even with some rain in Battle Mountain, the site was unaffected and the wind was 'Legal' meaning that it was low enough to be considered a small enough variable to not assist or hinder the riders. As the team had practised on Monday, the setup of the bike ran smoothly with lots of time to spare. Unfortunately, Sarah had some issues with the bike during her run and was not able to improve on her 23.5mph speed on Monday. The rest of the day was therefore then spent on fixing the issues and testing to make sure, the additions were working and Sarah would be comfortable for the next day's record attempt. 

-James Haslam (OWP CEO)